Contract Intelligence 3.0 Released

Contract Intelligence 3.0 empowers Subject-Matter Experts to manage the whole data extraction process

The new release of contract analysis software, Contract Intelligence 3.0, features a new, easy-to-use interface that enables Subject-Matter Experts (SMEs) to control the whole training and information extraction process.

With Contract Intelligence 3.0, SMEs define extraction targets and inferences, upload documents and start the training system to automatically perform extractions without the need or cost of an AI expert.

The solution quickly adapts to new requirements and new document types. SMEs can easily define new extraction targets for current document types or train the system for other document types by leveraging what the system has already learned.


Extraction results are highlighted within the document on the left, and easy to review and confirm with a click-and-go interface on the right.


The mapping manager enables to easily review, modify, add or remove extraction and inference targets.

Download the Contract Intelligence 3.0 Fact Sheet

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