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Improve response times, minimize risks and generate new business opportunities with our intelligent document processing software.

Get a unique combination of high accuracy and speed in searching, extracting and classifying key information from any kind of text, including complex documents, emails and social media.

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Faster Processes

Save up to 80% review time and increase both customer satisfaction and employee productivity

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Less Risks

Achieve up to 30% less errors in contract review and better comply with regulations

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Better Customer Service

Improve your products and services based on new insights generated at scale

How Improves Process Efficiency Across Industries

Case Study

How helps insurance companies grow revenues and mitigate risks with intelligent document processing

Case Study

How transportation companies improve operational efficiencies and deliver a better customer experience with offers powerful extraction, classification and comparison functionalities that help major industries comply with changing regulations or gather intelligence about consumer behavior

Banking & Financial
Services Case Study

Consulting Case Study

Case Study

Case Study

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What Our Customers Say About Us:

“In production for over a year, we recently conducted an internal study that reported a decrease in the error rate of quotes generated by users and an overall improvement in quality by using”

– Tim Harper, Head of Quote, UNUM Operations.

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“The proof of concept performed by Siemens showed that natural language processing technology with its domain-specific semantic language space was able to achieve significantly better search results in the area of taxes than keyword-based search engines. It has the potential to become a key technology for semantic use cases.””

– Darja Meyer, Head of Tax Tech Lab Germany, Siemens AG.

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  • Optimize your document-centric processes
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  • Improve decision-making with actionable business insights

Leverage a Highly Efficient Approach to Natural Language Processing


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All results are explainable, enabling your organization to comply with regulations.


Our solutions easily scale across departments to other use cases and languages.


Train your own models with as little as 100 sample data.


Our enterprise-grade solutions deliver measurable value within a few weeks.

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