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Improve Operational Efficiencies & Deliver a Better Customer Experience

by automating document-centric processes in the transportation and logistics industry

Optimize customer service

Shorten reaction time to inquiries and increase customer satisfaction

Streamline operational efficiencies

Automate labor-intensive processes and improve productivity

Boost competitiveness

Speed up the handling of transport orders and focus on your core business

Stay Ahead of the Curve with Intelligent Document Processing

Rising costs, higher customer expectations, workforce shortage, competitive pressure, changing regulations: AI and intelligent automation offer a unique opportunity to overcome the current challenges in the transportation and logistics industry. They not only improve process efficiency but also increase employee productivity so that companies can remain competitive in this demanding environment.

At Cortical.io, we are leveraging more than a decade of experience in developing semantic AI software that enables transportation and logistics companies to successfully automate document-centric processes and delivers tangible benefits to our customers.

For example, Cortical.io has helped an international transportation company to significantly improve service quality by automating the processing of hundreds of thousands of emails every day.

We also help optimize the processing of millions of shipments by automating the extraction of key information from transport documents.

As a trusted partner to leading global companies, we deliver the following key benefits with our IDP software:

Quick ROI

Fast implementation

Fewer errors

Industry knowledge

Discover how our proven IDP solution can increase your operational efficiency within a matter of weeks

Transportation & Logistics Use Cases Where Cortical.io IDP Can Help

Optimization of Email Processing in Customer Centers

A transportation company receives between 100,000 and 250,000 customer emails in multiple languages every day. However, only 50% of them actually require a response. Cortical.io’s AI software extracts relevant terms from the emails and attachments in real time, classifies them as business-relevant or irrelevant and forwards the relevant emails to the appropriate departments. As a result, incoming requests are processed much quicker and the contact center teams can dedicate their efforts to customer-centric tasks, rather than spending valuable time sifting through irrelevant messages.

More Efficient Handling of Daily Shipments

An international logistics company has to manage millions of shipments every year. The employees manually process a huge number of transport orders and waybills. By using the Cortical.io AI software, these documents can be read automatically regardless of the language used and the key information can be entered into the database without errors. The automated document processing speeds up the handling of shipments and improves the quality of database entries, eliminating errors in invoices and transport documents. This enhances operational efficiency while mitigating the risks of litigation and potential revenue loss.

Why Trust Cortical.io?

Quick ROI

We help you prepare a business case and calculate the ROI of your automation project. A mini POC enables you to validate the quality of your data and assess the potential benefits of the project.

Fast Implementation

Following the estimation of the project’s short term value, our experienced solutions engineers work closely with you to fine-tune models, ensuring optimal results with minimal training.

Fewer Errors

Thanks to our state-of-the-art semantic technology, the automation of the extraction and classification process ensures a significant reduction in error rates, even for complex information that would typically require human interpretation.

Industry Knowledge

Over the past decade, our teams have conducted thousands of document automation projects across industries, including in the transportation & logistics sector.

Transparent & Sustainable AI

 Our solutions leverage our proprietary method for natural language understanding called Semantic Folding, which stands for transparency and energy efficiency: results can be inspected at the bit level to eliminate biases, and huge amounts of data can be processed with comparatively little computing resources.

Security & Compliance

For critical security and privacy needs, we offer on-premise deployment on your own isolated servers. Cortical.io is GDPR / CCPA compliant, and working on the ISO27001 certification. Neither do we store your data, nor do we use it to train our AI models.

Learn how you can improve operational efficiency within a few weeks with our proven IDP solution

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