Leverage a wealth of data from contracts Cortical.io Contract Intelligence is the missing puzzle piece that will drastically increase the efficiency of your contract management system, while bringing tremendous cost savings to your legal department.

In a nutshell

  • AI-based data extraction from contracts
  • 80% reduction in manual review and data extraction time
  • Significant reduction in contract processing costs
  • Combination of supervised and unsupervised learning
  • Learning driven by subject matter experts
  • Easy integration through a REST API

No other data extraction solution on the market can achieve the same combined levels of high precision and high recall or can extract such complicated conditional terms from complex contracts as the Cortical.io Contract Intelligence Engine. Many companies have turned to Cortical.io after unsatisfactory experiences with other AI-based data extraction technologies.

The Cortical.io Contract Intelligence Engine analyzes the meaning of not just keywords but of whole sentences, paragraphs, and long text so that the problems of language ambiguity and vocabulary mismatch within and across documents are overcome. For example, the sentences “we closed the deal” and “the contract was signed” have similar meanings but use completely different words; the Cortical.io Contract Intelligence Engine recognizes that similarity.

What makes Cortical.io Contract Intelligence different?

  • Unique AI-based algorithm that understands the meaning of text instead of using keywords
  • Quick interactive learning process that amplifies the intelligence of your subject matter experts

Who uses Cortical.io Contract Intelligence?

  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Consulting companies
  • Companies that have to manage large repositories of legal documents

How a Big Four accounting firm reduced processing time of lease agreements by 80%

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Contract Intelligence FAQs

  • What kind of information can the engine extract from documents?
  • Can the engine extract data from tables that are in PDF files?
  • How does the engine integrate into my existing contract management system?
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