Leverage a wealth of data from contracts Cortical.io Contract Intelligence is the missing puzzle piece that will drastically increase the efficiency of your contract management, while bringing tremendous cost savings to your legal department.

In a nutshell

  • AI-based data extraction from any type of legal documents
  • Automatically extracts entities and provisions
  • Quick training, no AI expertise required
  • 80% reduction in manual review and data extraction time
  • Gain valuable insights with large-scale contract analysis
  • in use by Fortune 500 companies

Cortical.io Contract Intelligence uses patented Natural Language Understanding technology to understand the meaning of whole sentences, paragraphs and provisions. This technology provides the capability to accurately extract and classify information in contracts. Other solutions using traditional Natural Language Processing (NLP), based mainly on keywords and statistics, have limitations that impact performance when processing more demanding extractions, classifications and interpretation of clauses.

Cortical.io Contract Intelligence can extract and classify relevant information from large quantities of documents quickly and at a precision level that is difficult to achieve at scale with manual labor or with other contract analysis solutions. The extraction results can be used by business intelligence tools to look for risk exposure, trends and other business insights.

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What makes Cortical.io Contract Intelligence different?

Meaning-based extractions

The system can extract concepts, instead of just keywords, for example descriptions of dates (“not later than ten business days after demand therefore”) or amounts (“equal to three percent (3%) of the shareholders’ equity of XY corporation”)

Inferences & classification of provisions

The system can interpret provisions and classify clauses, even when the formulation differs. For example, the solution uses inferences to classify a provision as either (1) standard, (2) negotiated or (3) needs review

Sophisticated table extraction

The solution is able to parse and extract information from tables regardless of the row/column format in the PDF document

Built for Subject Matter Experts

SMEs define extraction targets and inferences, upload documents and start the training system to automatically perform extractions without the need or cost of an AI expert

Little training material required

The system can be trained by Subject-Matter Experts (SMEs) starting with as few as 50 documents. Once the SMEs have defined custom extraction targets and annotated a few documents, they can train the system to automatically perform the extractions. SMEs also have the ability to review results and can continue to fine tune the system as part of a continuous learning process.

Who uses Cortical.io Contract Intelligence?

  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Consulting companies
  • Companies that have to manage large repositories of legal documents

How a Big Four accounting firm reduced processing time of lease agreements by 80%

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Contract Intelligence FAQs

  • What kind of information can the engine extract from documents?
  • Can the engine extract data from tables that are in PDF files?
  • How does the engine integrate into my existing contract management system?
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