April 2021

Cortical.io Message Intelligence Solution Improves Accuracy of Processing Unstructured Documents

April 7, 2021 – Cortical.io today announced Message intelligence 2.1, an intelligent document processing solution (IDP) that provides high accuracy in filtering, classification, and extraction of emails, attachments, and other types of unstructured documents. Leveraging Cortical.io’s patented method for natural language understanding (NLU), Message Intelligence 2.1 enables higher productivity, fewer false positives, less manual intervention […]
April 2021

A word is not a number

The human brain is a remarkable instrument that functions in ways that no computer can replicate. Its workings, though, continue to provide inspiration for those studying AI. Take the example of Cortical.io, a developer of AI-based natural language understanding (NLU) solutions.
March 2021

Deep Analysis – Analyst Opinion on Cortical.io

March 22, 2021 – Deep Analysis, an advisory firm that helps organizations understand and address the challenges of innovative and disruptive technologies in the enterprise software marketplace, has just released a brief about Cortical.io. In summary, Deep Analysis assesses Cortical.io as an innovative company with equally interesting and novel technology. “In truth, what most interested […]
March 2021

EIB provides $9.1 million to Artificial Intelligence Software Innovator Cortical.io

March 3, 2021 – The European Investment Bank (EIB) is providing $9.1 million to Cortical.io AG, an Austrian software company developing innovative artificial intelligence technology based on a Natural Language Understanding (NLU) approach that can interpret and process human language text. The software is capable of performing search and analysis based on meanings of words […]
March 2021

COVID-19 will Accelerate High-Efficiency AI in 2021

The impact of COVID-19 on our business is two-fold. In the first step, the COVID crisis has frozen the decision-making structures in large organizations, delaying purchase decisions, especially towards small vendors like us. After waking up from this state of chock, enterprises now realize they have a high need for technologies like the one we […]
February 2021

Francisco Webber, Co-Founder & CEO of Cortical.io – Interview Series

Francisco Webber is co-founder and CEO of Cortical.io and inventor of the company’s proprietary Retina technology. This technology applies the principles of cerebral processing to machine learning and natural language understanding (NLU) to solve real-world use cases related to big text data. Cortical.io solutions are based on the actual meaning of text, rather than on statistical occurrences.
January 2021

Cortical.io’s AI makes bulk contract analysis faster and more accurate

In the past, reviewing large stacks of documents was a mind-numbing chore for junior attorneys — a process that could literally consume months of multiple employees’ lives. But innovations in artificial intelligence have enabled Cortical.io to automate the document review process with software, and the company today announced a new version of Contract Intelligence with accuracy and speed improvements […]
January 2021

Intelligent Document Processing Solution Improves Contract Review Efficiency and Reduces Extraction Time By up to 80%

January 25, 2021 – Cortical.io today announced a new release of its Cortical.io Contract Intelligence software. Utilizing a patented natural language understanding (NLU) approach based on semantic folding theory, the software analyzes the content of large quantities of documents with a degree of accuracy that is difficult to achieve with manual labor or other automation tools. It […]
November 2020

Cortical.io Wins 2020 LegalTech Breakthrough Award for "Overall Contract Automation Solution of the Year"

November 18, 2020 – Cortical.io today announced its artificial intelligence-based Contract Intelligence solution has been awarded ‘Overall Contract Automation Solution of the Year’ by LegalTech Breakthrough, a leading independent market intelligence organization that evaluates and recognizes standout technology companies, products, and services supporting legal professionals around the globe. Cortical.io Contract Intelligence is an AI-based solution for enterprises […]
October 2020

Cortical.io Enhances Contract Intelligence Solution with Semantic Compare

5 October 2020 – Cortical.io today announced a new release of Cortical.io Contract Intelligence, an AI-based solution for enterprises that need to review and analyze contracts and other documents. Cortical.io Contract Intelligence utilizes its patented natural language understanding approach to extract, classify, search and compare relevant information in documents with a degree of accuracy that […]
September 2020

Cortical.io Recognized in the 2020 Gartner Market Guide for Text Analytics

28 September 2020 – Cortical.io, a leading provider of AI-based business solutions, today announced that it has been identified as a Representative Vendor in the Gartner Market Guide for Text Analytics1, published on August 31, 2020. According to the report, “Respondents to the 2019 Gartner Data and Analytics Adoption Trends Survey listed text analytics as […]
July 2020

Introducing Contract Intelligence Solution with Semantic Search

Insurance Industry Leader Unum Selects Cortical.io Contract Intelligence After Pilot Demonstrated Improved Workflow Results 14 July 2020 – Cortical.io today announced a new release of Cortical.io Contract Intelligence, an AI-based solution for enterprises that need to review and manage a large corpus of contracts and other legal documents. Cortical.io Contract Intelligence utilizes its patented natural […]
April 2020

Cortical.io Launches “Message Intelligence” to Tackle Formidable Enterprise Communications Challenges

28 April 2020 – Cortical.io today announced a real-time, natural language understanding solution to rescue corporate productivity from the deluge of enterprise email: Cortical.io Message Intelligence. It’s no secret the flood of digital communications from email, messaging and Twitter and other sources exasperates our daily lives. Enterprises, in particular, are overwhelmed with communications from inside […]
October 2019

Contract Intelligence 3.1.0 Released

The newest version of our contract review software comes with significant improvements for detecting and converting source data, in particular for the conversion of table data.
January 2017

Cortical.io featured in The Economist

In its latest technology report, The Economist delivers great insights about progresses made in the field of Natural Language Understanding and presents Cortical.io’s Semantic Fingerprinting approach.
June 2016

Semantic Folding – From Natural Language Processing to Language Intelligence

Francisco De Sousa Webber, co-founder of Cortical.io, has developed the theory of Semantic Folding, which is presented in a recently published white paper. It builds on the Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM) theory by Jeff Hawkins and describes the encoding mechanism that converts semantic input data into a valid Sparse Distributed Representation (SDR) format.