On a mission to bring natural language
understanding to the next level

About us

Cortical.io delivers business solutions that accurately classify, extract and search information within unstructured documents based on a Natural Language Understanding (NLU) innovation inspired by neuroscience.

Cortical.io enables businesses to more quickly, accurately and effectively search, extract, annotate and analyze information from unstructured text. These meaning-based solutions require little training data and are quickly implemented in enterprise environments. Cortical.io is the secret weapon of management consultants and innovative organizations; its technology is disrupting market segments including contract analysis, message intelligence and Intelligent Document Processing (IDP).

Cortical.io has patented an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based NLU technology based on Semantic Folding and neuroscience. It is a real differentiator in addressing the challenge of processing unstructured text data as it understands the meaning of sentences, paragraphs and concepts, not just keywords and consequently delivers highly accurate results. The company is working to enable semantic supercomputing, the ability to process streams of natural language content at massive scale in real time through the use of hardware acceleration.

Numerous Fortune 500 businesses are taking advantage of Cortical.io solutions to solve business problems with complex NLU challenges without the need for in-house AI experience. 

Cortical.io has offices in the U.S. (New York and San Francisco) and Europe (Vienna).

At a glance:

Founded in 2011
Commercial off-the-shelf and custom solutions
Patented technology inspired by neuroscience​
New approach to Natural Language Understanding
Fortune 500 customers

Management Team 

We are very proud of our highly talented, multinational team. Each of our collaborators possesses a unique set of skills which we captured by creating a semantic fingerprint of their LinkedIn profile or curriculum vitae. The clusters in the fingerprints illustrate core competencies (for example, the area in the upper right corner stands for software development).

Francisco Webber

CEO and co-founder

Daniel Schreiber

CFO and co-founder

Thomas J. Reinemer


Steve Levine


Brian Stern

EVP Sales North America

Hans-Peter Riecken

SVP North America

Vishu Krishnamurthy

Senior VP Product Development & Engineering

Sylvia Selwood

VP Customer Relations

Marie-Pierre Garnier

VP Marketing

Pablo Gonzalvez

Director Product Engineering & Customer Success

Taylor Peer

Director Product Engineering & Data Science


In May 2015, we entered a strategic partnership with Numenta, that grants us a broad general license to the Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM) technology. Combined with our Semantic Folding methodology, it will enable us to develop solutions for sentiment analysis, automatic summarization, semantic search, and conversational dialogue systems.


In September 2018, we signed a joint business relationship agreement with PwC Germany*. Using Cortical.io’s natural language understanding technology, PwC intends to develop intelligent text analytics solutions and help their clients turn unstructured data silos into value.

* PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

In October 2019, we entered a strategic relationship with Xilinx. The implementation of our NLU solutions with Xilinx FPGA technology enables orders-of-magnitude performance increases over standard computing platforms.


In November 2019, we announced our partnership with Supermicro to deliver our first Semantic Supercomputing application, the Messaging Classification Appliance, on a pre-loaded server.