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Optimize Your Document-Centric Processes Within Weeks

Help your teams answer customer requests or review legal agreements more efficiently with a proven intelligent document processing solution

SemanticPro is an intelligent document processing solution that helps you raise the productivity of your teams by automating the review of large volumes of text data.

With our IDP software,  your organization can save up to 80% of the time currently spent with extracting, classifying and analyzing unstructured documents, contracts, emails, text, and message streams.


Accelerate processes

Up to 80% time savings in reviewing and processing documents

Improve compliance

Up to 30% less errors in extracted information from your legal documents

Watch this video to understand how SemanticPro can help your teams:

  • automate the extraction and classification of critical information hidden in complex documents or emails
  • be more responsive to customer inquiries
  • improve the quality of your customer service and, consequently grow revenues


Customers Trust SemanticPro Intelligent Document Processing

Speed and accuracy are the top two benefits of SemanticPro according to Andrew Sharp, AVP Quoting & Strategy at Unum.
Watch the video for more details >>>

How Our IDP Software Improves Process Efficiency Across Industries

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How Cortical.io helps insurance companies grow revenues and mitigate risks with intelligent document processing

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How transportation companies improve operational efficiencies and deliver a better customer experience with Cortical.io

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Learn how you can improve operational efficiency within a few weeks with our proven IDP solution

Discover the SemanticPro Difference for IDP

Meaning-based extraction, classification and search

  • Interpret meaning from text even when the wording is different
  • Accurately search, compare, classify, and analyze unstructured data such as insurance policies, legal documents, contracts, PDFs, presentations, emails, and social media posts

Intuitive low-code UI designed for business users – No AI experts needed

  • Train custom extraction and classification models with no code UI and comparatively little training data (100-200 documents)
  • Easy to navigate UI to upload, annotate, review and compare unstructured documents

Highly customizable, flexible and scalable IDP solution

  • Deploy to the cloud or on-premises
  • Leverage the expertise of our Customer Success team to solve business issues across your organization
  • Start reaping the benefits of automation within weeks, not months

See How SemanticPro works

Watch this 5-min demo video to see how easy it is to define extractions, search through your documents and compare information with SemanticPro Intelligent Document Processing.

3 Ways to Start with SemanticPro for Intelligent Document Processing

Use our online tool to estimate the ROI of intelligent document processing, depending on your business case.

Explore the 7 critical implementation steps to maximize the ROI of your IDP project.

See live how easy it is to use SemanticPro to extract and classify information.

Cutting-Edge Features Keep You Ahead of The Competition

Automatically Interpret and Classify Information from Complex Documents

  • Accurately extract terms and provisions from unstructured documents such as lease agreements, insurance policies and contracts
  • Categorize extracted information using language unique to your organization
  • Classify extractions using a meaning-based classification approach

Powerful Compare Functionality

  • Reduce review cycle times by automatically comparing extractions between multiple documents
  • Quickly view changed items with color coded text and similarity scores
  • Filter comparison results and export them to Excel for further analysis

Advanced Semantic Search

  • Cut through the clutter with a meaning-based approach to search for content across documents, extractions, and annotations
  • Match answers with search queries that use different words, but have the same meaning
  • Understands concepts, instead of just keywords

Intuitive No-Code UI

  • Empower business users to easily define extraction targets, annotate, build and fine tune AI models with minimal training data
  • Easily upload a variety of document types to the system and categorize them based on organization requirements

Seamlessly connect to a variety of BI tools

  • Ingest data from a variety of CRM, CLM or Document Management systems
  • Export extract data to key Business Intelligence tools for better business insight and decision-making

See How SemanticPro Intelligent Document Processing Works

SemanticPro Extract

Learn how you can improve operational efficiency within a few weeks with our proven IDP solution

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SemanticPro is used by Fortune 500 companies across multiple industries to solve different kinds of challenges.

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