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with next generation AI business solutions

No AI Experts Needed with Contract Intelligence Software delivers AI-based solutions that relieve your employees of the burden of reviewing large amounts of documents or sifting through masses of text messages. Our patented approach to natural language understanding enables human-level accuracy of results while saving your teams huge amounts of time – and raising your profitability.
January 2022 joins the Swiss InsurTech Hub, a non-profit organization promoting innovation in the insurance sector

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contract intelligence software

Contract Intelligence

Save up to 80% review time by automating the extraction of key information from contracts and legal documents with our AI-based solution. No AI expertise required!

message intelligence

Message Intelligence

Increase customer retention, better comply with regulations and relieve your employees from day-to-day email management by automating the processing of message streams. Plus: decrease your processing costs!

custom solutions - intelligent semantic solution

Custom Solutions

Get an intelligent semantic solution that exactly matches your requirements and delivers quick results without the risks and investments typical for natural language understanding projects.

The Difference

Patented technology inspired by neuroscience
Fast implementation, quick results
Quick training, no AI expertise required
Human-level accuracy
Seamless integration in enterprise environments
Real-time semantic processing at massive scale
With Semantic Folding, proposes a new paradigm for Natural Language Understanding (NLU) that overcomes the limitations of other artificial intelligence (AI) approaches. semantic algorithms are at the core of a powerful platform for semantic search, semantic classification and semantic filtering. Leveraging this unique semantic platform, solutions are quicker and easier to implement than current approaches. They enable enterprises to more effectively search, extract, annotate and analyze key information from any kind of unstructured text. By combining NLU software with hardware acceleration, Semantic Supercomputing enables new solutions capable of processing streams of natural language at massive scale and in real time.

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