An intelligent engine for processing text The Retina Engine encapsulates the core NLU capabilities developed with our Semantic Folding approach


  • Conversion of words or text into semantic fingerprints
  • Comparison of text similarity
  • Text-processing functions like segmentation, keyword extraction, parsing, and identification of contexts and similar terms
  • Decoding context words of semantic fingerprints
  • Computation of Boolean operations on the meaning of text (with semantic expressions)


  • Access via a Java and Scala API
  • Integration in Apache Spark or single-node Java runtime environments
  • Usable with onsite or cloud Spark clusters (Cloudera, Amazon EMR)
  • Supports all Hadoop storage formats
  • For more information, contact [email protected]

Parallel rollouts

  • Development of one or more Retina databases which cover the required semantic spectrum
  • Development of Retina Engine-based applications which offer functional solutions for different enterprise domains or products.


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Key benefits

  • Unique, meaning-based algorithm
  • Reduction of false positives
  • High precision and recall
  • In the cloud or on premises
  • Seamless integration in enterprise environments