Accelerating Natural Language Understanding for
next generation enterprise applications

Semantic Supercomputing combines NLU software with hardware acceleration to create new solutions capable of processing streams of natural language content at massive scale and in real time

Key benefits

Orders-of-magnitude performance increase
Enables next generation business solutions
Real-time semantic processing at massive scale

Ever-increasing unstructured data is overwhelming the world and the available processing power and current statistical approaches to deal with it. This causes an increase in power consumption, processing delays and error rates.

Semantic Supercomputing (SSC) brings an answer to the von Neumann bottleneck by leveraging the inherent computing efficiency of’s NLU software with Xilinx FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays).

Which applications does it enable?

Technical Facts

  • Implemented as an appliance consisting of’s NLU software on Xilinx Alveo Accelerator cards and standard hardware
  • Integrates with IT infrastructure through REST APIs
  • Appliance with pre-loaded application
  • Host System (CPU-cores, memory): Xilinx X86 Server

How does it work?