Case study How was's Support Intelligence Engine deployed at a Fortune 100 company?


Major manufacturer of computer network equipment


Reduce by 50% the manual effort required to resolve support requests

  • Presence of much non-relevant text
  • Complexity of support cases
  • Varying vocabulary and ways of describing problems
  • Attempts with other search systems failed in the task of quickly and consistently matching up similar support cases; searching by keyword produced poor results
  • Unsupervised training of the Support Intelligence Engine so that it learns the vocabulary used in the company‚Äôs support cases and product documentation
  • Removal of non-relevant text from support cases
  • Automatic learning of new vocabulary in real time
  • Autosuggestion of topics for support agents, to standardize support case text
  • Relevant search results found more quickly than with previous search methods
  • 70% reduction in average handling time of support requests

How does it work?