Your direct access to a high-performing NLU engine Use our free trial API to explore and understand the value of Semantic Folding and technology.

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Retina API at a glance

  • Access to general English Retina Database (based on Wikipedia)
  • Conversion of words or text into semantic fingerprints
  • Text functions like segmentation, keyword extraction, parsing, identification of contexts and similar terms
  • Comparison of text similarity
  • Decoding context words of semantic fingerprints
  • Feature extraction for semantic classification and filtering
  • Computation of Boolean operations on the meaning of text (with semantic expressions)
Get your free API key

Easy access

  • Access via a REST API
  • Sandbox Retina API to test the endpoints
  • Java, JavaScript and Python client libraries
  • Free trial API available (fair usage)
  • JSON data format

The free trial API gives access to all endpoints based on the principle of fair usage. (Heavy usage might be throttled or limited. See also our terms of service). The Retina API accesses Retina Databases that are based on static versions of Wikipedia. Recent additions to Wikipedia (for example, the term "Brexit") are not included. Upon request, we create customized Retina Databases that are trained in the vocabulary domain of your business or industry.

For more information about this premium service, please contact [email protected].