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with Intelligent Document Processing

Decrease the costs of processing large amounts of emails
Accurately classify & extract information from unstructured text
Improve response time through automated processing
Quick time to production

What is Message Intelligence?

Message Intelligence is a packaged solution that filters, classifies and routes streams of messages in real time. It can also extract information from these messages and attached documents. The system automatically performs these actions with a high level of accuracy and can be quickly adapted to meet an organization’s needs. Message Intelligence can either be used as a complete solution or be integrated into enterprise workflows through a set of REST APIs.

With Cortical.io Message Intelligence, large organizations can improve productivity, responsiveness and customer satisfaction while reducing the costs of manually processing vast amounts of incoming messages. Email messages, social media posts, or other sources of input are classified and processed in real time based on the specific requirements of the organization.

Message Intelligence leverages Cortical.io patented approach to natural language understanding to effectively triage messages with similar meaning but different phrasing. Custom semantic classifiers can be built within hours with a fraction of the training usually required.

Watch a brief 5 minute demonstration of Message Intelligence

Key Features

  • Input sources: email accounts, REST AP
  • Easy creation of custom classifiers
  • Pre-built classifiers: sentiment, language
  • Action types: autoreply, block, log, route, tag, REST

What is the Difference with other Message Processing Software?

Human-level accuracy
The combination of keyword and semantic filters that recognize sentences with similar meaning but different phrasing enables Message Intelligence to process messages with the same quality of a human.
Orders-of-magnitude performance increase
Fast processing inherent to Cortical.io NLU approach comes close to real-time processing when combined with Xilinx accelerating hardware.
Quick & Easy to customize

A user-friendly tool allows subject matter experts to build extraction models and custom classifiers with a fraction of the training material required by traditional AI approaches.

Short time to production
Custom filters and classifiers can be created within hours and without the need for AI or NLU expertise.

Message Intelligence Customers & Use Cases

  • Companies which need to react quickly to customer inquiries
  • Companies having to comply to strict regulatory standards in respect of their communication
  • Companies receiving a high volume of emails on a daily basis

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