Case study How's semantic search engine is helping a global company automate its marketing claim verifications


Consumer goods giant


Automate the task of finding research studies to support marketing claims

  • Ensuring that marketing claims about a product are not misleading or deceptive is a major challenge for companies that must comply with consumer protection laws and industry self-regulatory guidelines
  • Marketing claims are most trustworthy when supported by sound or factual research results, for example from clinical studies and consumer reports
  • Almost 300,000 new clinical studies are registered every year, making it impossible to manually keep track of new evidence related to a specific product
  • The scientific vocabulary used in such studies strongly differs from the marketing jargon used to describe a product to consumers
  • The product-relevant scientific information is often not formulated in words, but encapsulated within chemical formulation
  • As a result, the verification of marketing claims is a long and tedious process involving human-based tasks of searching, and manually validating evidence documentation
  • Unsupervised training of’s semantic search engine to learn the vocabulary used in the company’s marketing claims and evidence documentation (consumer reports, clinical study reports, fact sheets, other scientific material)
  • Configuration of a data extraction engine for common names, formulation and ingredients of consumer products
  • Enabling the filtering of search results based on common formula name, formula coding, or a combination of formula ingredients
  • Enabling searching with queries formulated as marketing claims to identify related scientific information
  • Discovery of new sources of evidence within scientific literature
  • Automation of the marketing claim verification process
  • Reassignment of claims support research to junior researchers
  • Reallocation of expensive subject-matter experts’ time to more demanding tasks
The difference
  •’s semantic search engine understands the meaning of marketing claims and matches them with research studies, even if they do not use the same vocabulary
  • Extraction models can be trained very quickly, based on annotations by the firm’s subject-matter experts on only a handful of sample clinical reports
  • The solution instantly extracts quality structured data from research studies and other sources of evidence
  • The feedback of subject-matter experts on the quality of search results is directly looped back into the system to facilitate continuous learning while preserving consistent results