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Increase the efficiency of your contract review

with our AI-based contract analysis software

Cortical.io Contract Intelligence leverages a new approach to natural language understanding to analyze relevant information from large quantities of documents quickly and with an accuracy that is difficult to achieve at scale with manual labor or with other contract analysis tools. The solution offers a powerful, meaning-based tool to extract and classify key information, search within individual documents or over the entire database, as well as to compare documents against a template or previous versions.

With Contract Intelligence, organizations that deal with large volumes of legal agreements can significantly reduce their document processing costs and meet critical deadlines, while obtaining quickly valuable insight about the information hidden in their contracts. The solution helps them to better assess risks and liabilities, compare sensitive clauses, standardize their legal framework, and prepare their balance sheet.



What is Contract Intelligence?

Extract, search, compare and classify key information based on meaning

Reduce  extraction and review time by 80%

Easy customization with 50 to 100 documents – No AI expertise required

What is the Difference with other Contract Review Software?

Short time to value

Our Contract Intelligence software can be customized to any document type with as few as 100 documents and is production-ready within a few weeks.

Accurately process complex documents

Our contract review software can accurately extract, search, compare, classify complex documents like insurance policies, legal agreements, leases, PDFs, financial reports, emails with attachments, and social media posts.

Meaning-based extractions, search and comparison

The system understands concepts, instead of just keywords, for example descriptions of dates (“not later than ten business days after demand therefore”) or amounts (“equal to three percent (3%) of the shareholders’ equity of XY corporation”).

Relations & Inferences

The system supports relations between extractions. It can also interpret provisions and classify clauses, even when the formulation differs. For example, the solution uses inferences to classify a provision as either (1) standard, (2) negotiated or (3) needs review

Sophisticated table extraction

The solution is able to parse and extract information from tables regardless of the row/column format in the PDF document.

No code UI designed for business users

Business users can train custom models, define extraction targets and inferences, upload documents without the need for an AI expert. Business users can also review results and continue to fine tune the system as part of a continuous learning process (human in the loop).

Contract Intelligence Customers & Use Cases

Cortical.io Contract Intelligence is used by Fortune 500 companies across multiple industries to solve different kinds of challenges.

How a Fortune 500 insurance company reduced manual labor by 30% by automating its quoting workflow.
How a Big Four accounting firm reduced processing time of lease agreements by 80%.

To Go Deeper

Download this comprehensive eBook to get a 360° view of risks and opportunities offered by AI-based contract review automation.

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Need help building a business case? Download this white paper to learn how to calculate direct savings and indirect benefits of Contract Intelligence

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