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Contract Intelligence (20 November 2019) – An AI-based, precise solution for automating your contract review process.

Tech Blog Writer (4 November 2019): Answering Unsolved Challenges In Natural Language Understanding

InsideHPC Interview (10 October 2019): Demonstrates Natural Language Understanding Inspired by Neuroscience

Brain Inspired Podcast (Apr 12, 2019): Francisco de Sousa Webber: Natural Language Understanding

Semantic Folding (Jan 23, 2019): the Swiss Army Knife for Financial Language Processing

Numenta Podcast (Sep 18, 2018): Francisco de Sousa Webber: Natural Language Understanding

Semantic Folding of Text (Jul 11, 2017)

Simplifying AI // Francisco Webber - Inventor and co-founder of (Nov 6, 2017)

Podcast - Natural language analysis using Hierarchical Temporal Memory (Mar 23, 2017)

Podcast – Statistics vs Semantics for Natural Language Processing (Dec 3, 2016)

Semantic Folding: A new, brain-inspired model for Big Data Semantics (Nov 11, 2016)

Semantic Anomaly Detection with the Retina API and the HTM (Nov 9, 2015)

Semantic Fingerprinting: Democratising NLP (May 7, 2015)

Tutorial 1: Compare API (Oct 31, 2014)

Tutorial 2: Operations with Text (Oct 31, 2014)

Tutorial 3: Operations on Terms (Oct 31, 2014)

Tutorial 4: Operations with Expressions (Oct 31, 2014)

This is how makes language computable (Jul 26, 2014)

The Cortical Engine for Processing Text (Mar 15, 2013)

What does the fox eat? (Nov 3, 2014)

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John Vervaeke - Why don't we have AI yet?

The Brain Dictionary

Self-Taught Learning and Unsupervised Feature

Analogy as the Core of Cognition

Linguistics as a Window to Understanding the Brain

Semantics, Models, and Model Free Methods

Modeling data streams using SDRs

Seminar: brains and their applications

A brain in a computer

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White Paper: Semantic Folding Theory

Semantic Folding – From Natural Language Processing to Language Intelligence

Arguments for Semantic Folding versus Word Embeddings

Semantic Supercomputing: the next generation of Natural Language Understanding

The Impact of Email Classification on your Bottom Line

How Natural Language Understanding improves the speed and accuracy of contract intelligence (December 2019)

How to reduce the carbon footprint of AI? (October 2019)

The engine that finds pieces of evidence for your marketing claims (March 2019)

The time is ripe for Contract Intelligence (November 2018)

AI is not sexy at all (July 2018)

Why intelligent machines must be versatile (March 2018)

An elegant solution to text-data processing problems (October 2017)

Fifty shades of python (March 2017)

The power of images (November 2016)

Brute force is not the answer (June 2016)

The false positives syndrome (May 2016)

A new flagship is born - OpenAI (December 2015)

Semantic Folding - From Natural Language Processing to Language Intelligence (November 2015)

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What Intelligent Machines Need to Learn From the Neocortex

Continuous Online Sequence Learning with an Unsupervised Neural Network Model

Using semantic fingerprints in finance

Confusing cortical columns

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Contract Intelligence 3.0 Fact Sheet

Contract Intelligence - Folder

Support Intelligence - Folder

Semantic Search info sheet Company Folder

How a Big Four Accounting Firm Reduced Review Time of Lease Agreements by 80%Contract Intelligence Case Study

How a Fortune 100 Technology Manufacturer Reduced Support Engineers’ Search Efforts by 70%Support Intelligence Case Study

How a Leading Car Manufacturer Automated its Requirement Analysis ProcessSemantic Search Case Study

How an International Transportation Company Optimized High Volume Email Processing in Customer CentersSemantic Classification Case Study

AI in the wild ECIR2018 Industry Day

Retina API - Product Factsheet

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Fingerprint image comparing 'dog' and 'car'

Fingerprint image comparing 'Jaguar' and 'Porsche'