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Semantic Folding: the Swiss Army Knife for Financial Language Processing

Podcast: Natural language understanding with Francisco Webber

Semantic Folding of Text

Simplifying AI // Francisco Webber - Inventor and co-founder of

Podcast - Natural language analysis using Hierarchical Temporal Memory

Podcast – Statistics vs Semantics for Natural Language Processing

Semantic Folding: A new, brain-inspired model for Big Data Semantics

Semantic Anomaly Detection with the Retina API and the HTM

Semantic Fingerprinting: Democratising NLP

Tutorial 1: Compare API

Tutorial 2: Operations with Text

Tutorial 3: Operations on Terms

Tutorial 4: Operations with Expressions

This is how makes language computable

The Cortical Engine for Processing Text

What does the fox eat?

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John Vervaeke - Why don't we have AI yet?

The Brain Dictionary

Neural Representations of Language Meaning

Self-Taught Learning and Unsupervised Feature

Analogy as the Core of Cognition

Linguistics as a Window to Understanding the Brain

Semantics, Models, and Model Free Methods

Modeling data streams using SDRs

Seminar: brains and their applications

A brain in a computer

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White Paper: Semantic Folding Theory

Semantic Folding – From Natural Language Processing to Language Intelligence

Arguments for Semantic Folding versus Word Embeddings

An elegant solution to text-data processing problems

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What Intelligent Machines Need to Learn From the Neocortex

Continuous Online Sequence Learning with an Unsupervised Neural Network Model

Using semantic fingerprints in finance

Confusing cortical columns

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Contract Intelligence - Fact sheet

Support Intelligence - Fact sheet

Semantic Search info sheet Company Folder

AI in the wild ECIR2018 Industry Day

Retina API - Product Factsheet

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Fingerprint image comparing 'dog' and 'car'

Fingerprint image comparing 'Jaguar' and 'Porsche'