Proud to be named an IDC Innovator for the 2016 Machine Learning-Based Text Analytics Market

The latest IDC Innovator research report, IDC Innovators: Machine Learning-Based Text Analytics, 2016 (Doc # US41312116, May 2016) recognizes as an IDC Innovator.’s approach to understanding language, Semantic Folding, is inspired by the latest findings on the way the brain processes information. It proposes a statistics-free processing model based on semantic fingerprints, a new data representation that encodes meaning explicitly, including all senses and contexts.’s Retina engine learns any language by ingesting relevant text content via unsupervised learning.’s Retina engine reduces complex text analytics to the application of a simple similarity function. This makes the system both highly scalable and very intuitive to use. With 16,000 semantic features, the Retina engine performs fine-grained deep semantics on any unstructured text and is completely language independent. Because it is highly efficient, the Retina Engine reduces drastically the computing power needed to process terabytes of data. It enables high performance semantic processing applications like on-the-fly classification, streaming text filtering or semantic search by analogy and opens up a new range of applications for social media monitoring, enterprise search, forensic text analytics, information discovery, compliance monitoring and much more.

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