Numenta and Form Strategic Partnership

Numenta, Inc., a leader in machine intelligence, and, an innovator in natural language processing (NLP), are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to create a new computing approach to understanding text. As part of the strategic relationship, has taken a broad general license to Numenta’s Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM) technology, and Numenta has taken an ownership position in The combination of’s Semantic Folding technology and Numenta’s HTM technology enables a host of exciting applications that have challenged computer scientists for decades, including sentiment analysis, automatic summarization, semantic search, and conversational dialogue systems.

“’s Semantic Folding technology is a clever and elegant way to feed natural language into our HTM technology”, said Jeff Hawkins, founder of Numenta. “ takes advantage of the semantic encoding and predictive modeling of HTM systems in a way that will lead to significant advances in natural language processing.”

“Natural language understanding is one of the central problems of artificial intelligence,” said Francisco Webber, founder and CEO of “We aim to build the next generation of NLP, Language Intelligence, and in so doing, show the path to broadly applied machine intelligence.”

Building on their existing commercial product, the Retina API, will make the combined technologies available through their industrial-grade cloud service for customers ranging from innovative startups to international corporations.