NOVEMBER 2019 Introducing the first application of Semantic Supercomputing

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Introducing the first application of Semantic Supercomputing

In cooperation with Xilinx and Supermicro, presents the Messaging Classification Appliance, a pre-trained solution that can filter, classify and route streams of messages in real time and at massive scale.

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Contract Intelligence 3.1.0 Released

The newest version of our contract review software comes with significant improvements for detecting and converting source data, in particular for the conversion of table data.

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OCTOBER 2019 enters a strategic relationship with Xilinx collaborates with Xilinx to bring NLU supercomputing to enterprise applications

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AUGUST 2019 Contract Intelligence wins 2019 AI TechAward’s solution recognized as a leading Natural Language Processing Technology (NLP)

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MAY 2019

Contract Intelligence 3.0 Released

The new version empowers Subject-Matter Experts to manage the whole data extraction process

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APRIL 2019 Contract Intelligence highlighted by top UK analyst

UK firm Ovum underscores the value of the artificial intelligence solution

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Which technology understands what text really means?

Our unique approach to NLU featured in The Telegraph!

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Semantic Folding: The Swiss Army Knife for Financial Language Processing

Listen to Francisco Webber, CEO of, at the NG Financial Services Technology Summit

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Presenting the Semantic Search Engine

Discover a search system that understands natural language

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PwC joins forces with AI pioneer

Alliance of competencies will help PwC’s clients turn their data silos into value

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JUNE 2018

How was our Support Intelligence Engine deployed at a Fortune 100 company?

Discover how we helped reduce by 50% the manual effort required to resolve support requests.

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MAY 2018

Several events coming ahead!

Take the chance to meet us and learn about our AI-based solutions at one of the upcoming events

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APRIL 2018

Classification made easy with Iris

Simply enter a few positive or negative examples and begin classifying your text in 8 languages!

Download Iris
MARCH 2018 meets IR community at ECIR 2018

Erik Graf, head of R&D, will explain’s pragmatical approach towards implementing AI solutions within large businesses

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Apply our free tools to text and web pages in 8 languages!

Extract keywords, compare text, detect language or disambiguate terms: our free tools can now process text and web pages in 8 different languages

Discover our tools

Understand the magic of Contract Intelligence

Visit us at the Data Natives Conference in Berlin and discover the power of AI-based Contract Intelligence

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Discover Iris, a free tool to analyze text

Extract keywords, disambiguate terms and compare texts in 8 different languages with Iris

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JUNE 2017

Introducing Twistiller: a real-time, intelligent Twitter filter

With Twistiller, you can filter tweets based on their meaning, not just on keywords

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MAY 2017 named a Cool Vendor in AI Core Technologies by Gartner

Gartner’s report “Cool Vendors in AI Core Technologies, 2017” recognizes vendors behind AI core technologies…

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MARCH 2017

O'Reilly Podcast with Francisco Webber

In this O’Reilly Data Show Podcast, Francisco Webber explains why HTMs might be the future of Natural Language Understanding.

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On the road again

Francisco Webber will talk about the applications of Semantic Folding at the following events:
II-SDV Nice - 24-25.4.2017,
O’Reilly AI New York - 27-29.6.2017 and
Big Data Berlin -13.7.2017

JANUARY 2017 featured in The Economist

In its latest technology report, The Economist delivers great insights about progresses made in the field of Natural Language Understanding and presents’s Semantic Fingerprinting approach.

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Multilingual Semantic Similarity Explorer

Now you can directly compare any two texts in 7 different languages

Try the demo

Introducing the Retina Platform

We have wrapped our Retina Engine into a powerful platform for Natural Language Understanding

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Release Retina Spark 2.4.0

Easy access to language detection functionality and semantic search over structured documents are some of the new features.

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Spreading the word about Semantic Folding

Come and meet us this autumn at one of the following conferences: O’Reilly AI New York (27.9), Data Natives Berlin (26-28.10) or AI Europe London (6.12)


Release Retina Spark 2.3.0

The latest release includes a new, intelligent search threshold detection algorithm and facilitates the detection of compound terms read more


Release Retina Spark 2.2.0

The latest version of Retina Spark comes with a comprehensive Getting Started guide, shows code examples and supports the latest Apache Spark 1.x release (1.6.2) read more

JUNE 2016

Semantic Folding at O'Reilly AI Conference

Francisco Webber will explain why “AI is not a matter of strength but of intelligence” read more

JUNE 2016

Proud to be named an IDC Innovator for the 2016 Machine Learning-Based Text Analytics Market’s groundbreaking approach is recognized in the latest IDC Innovator research report read more

MAY 2016

Thrilled to attend O'Reilly Science Foo Camp

Francisco Webber has been invited to participate to the invitation-only event for innovators from around the world. Read more

APRIL 2016

Release Retina API 2.3 and Retina Spark 2.1

Improvements to the text-to-fingerprint algorithm boost the quality of text comparisons: try our sandbox API!

APRIL 2016

Semantic Folding helps improve prediction of stock return correlations

Academic study stresses efficiency of’s NLP approach for finance analytics read more

MARCH 2016

Presenting Retina Spark 2.0

Discover an NLP tool specially designed for high performance semantic text processing read more


Meet us all over Europe this Spring

We will talk about Big Data Semantics at several Dataconomy meetups across Europe in March and April:
London - 3.3.2016,
Paris - 10.3.2016,
Vienna - 17.3.2016,
Stockholm - 7.04.2016 and
Hamburg -14.04.2016


REST API clients updates

Our client SDKs for Java, Python and JavaScript (new!) offer now two versions of the Retina API, a lightweight module with simplified access to the most common functions, and a full version module, as well as useful sample code snippets.

JANUARY 2016 voted best AI start-up for 2015!

The Global Annual Achievement Awards for Artificial Intelligence have acknowledged our approach: AI Awards


Retina API challenge at DeveloperWeek 2016 in San Francisco

$5,000 cash award for the team with the best app integrating’s technology: read more


Proudly presenting our White Paper about Semantic Folding Theory

Explore the foundations of the Retina technology with our first White Paper: read more


Keynote at World Media Intelligence Congress

Francisco Webber will talk about “New World of Semantics and Artificial Intelligence” at FIBEP World Media Intelligence Congress Vienna 2015


USD 1.8 million for brain-inspired algorithm made in Austria welcomes a US investor and reinforces its US presence. Read more

SEPTEMBER 2015 cooperates with Boston Consulting Group

BCG’s Bruce Henderson Institute and are jointly exploring the application of the Retina in the fields of competitive intelligence and signal advantage Discover the Bruce Henderson Institute.


Talking to Data Natives at IP Expo Europe

On 7 October 2015, Francisco will introduce the Spark implementation for Big Text Data at Data Natives London.


Retina Spark API is now certified on Cloudera

With and Cloudera, you can now analyze, compare, classify any kind of unstructured text data in any language, in any format, with no limits regarding the data volume. Welcome to the era of Big Text Data Analytics!

JUNE 2015

Language Intelligence at Big Techday

Francisco Webber will talk about the Semantic Fingerprinting revolution on 12 June 2015 at Big Techday 8 in Munich.

MAY 2015

Release of Retina API 2.2.0

Our newest release includes new features like a Classify endpoint to create category filters or a Language Detection endpoint that identifies more than 50 languages. Read more

MAY 2015

Numenta and Form Strategic Partnership

The combination of Numenta’s HTM technology with’s Semantic Folding technology will enable significant
advances in NLP. Read more

APRIL 2015

Retina API showcase at the Riga Summit

A Summit addressing the challenges of multilinguality in Europe and showcasing innovative technologies. Riga Summit 2015

MARCH 2015

The biggest European online hackathon has just started

Take the chance to experiment with our Retina and more than 30 other innovative APIs at the largest European online hackathon. Go to Hack4Europe

MARCH 2015

Announcing the next rounds of our Big Data Grand Tour of Europe

Meet Francisco and discover the power of Semantic Fingerprinting:
| Munich, 23 April 2015, Big Data, Munich | Berlin, 30 April 2015, Big Data Berlin
| Budapest, 20 May 2015, Brainy Solutions and 21 May 2015 Big Data Budapest
| Barcelona, 27 May 2015, Big Data, Barcelona


Retina API now available on AWS Marketplace

You can from now on use the Retina API as AMI (Amazon Machine Image)- More information at the AWS Marketplace.


New Client Libraries available

Java, PHP, Python and Android client SDKs are now available!


Meet us at Big Data gatherings across Europe

How’s Semantic Fingerprinting technology is democratizing NLP: this is the topic of Francisco’s talk at several Big Data meet-ups organized by Dataconomy across Europe:
| London, 19 February 2015, Data Enthusiasts, London
| Vienna, 26 February 2015, Big Data, Vienna
| Paris, 5 March 2015, Big Data, Paris
| Amsterdam, 12 March 2015, Big Data, Amsterdam
| Munich, 23 April 2015



Presenting a service that generates a content-based sub-stream from the Twitter firehose. Try it out!


Cross-Language Contextualizer demo now online

With our new demo, you can create a semantic fingerprint in 7 different languages and compare the topical contexts in all languages. Try it out!

You can also now use our Fingerprint Editor to literally draw semantic filters and text classifiers.

NOVEMBER 2014's secures $ 1.25M in venture capital

With the additional funds, plans to bring language intelligence products to the global app-builder and
enterprise market. Read more


Video tutorials introducing the Retina API

Discover the main features of’s Retina API with four short videos.


API 2.0.0 brings improvements in quality, speed and functionality

Faster and more accurate keyword endpoint, faster and more accurate text to fingerprint transformation, generally faster REST backend… Look under the hood of this major release.


NLP session at Numenta's Fall Hackathon

Francisco Webber will describe the path to Language Intelligence at Numenta’s Fall Hackathon, on Oct 18, 2014 2014 Fall Hackathon Schedule.


How mimicking brain function is revolutionising NLP

Dataconomy, 2 Septembre 2014 How an Austrian startup is mimicking brain function to revolutionise NLP.

SEPTEMBER 2014 at Web Summit 2014 in Dublin

We have been selected for BETA, the later stage track at The Summit.

JUNE 2014

Proudly presenting, a service for Language Intelligence.

We have developed a technology that enables developers to perform natural language processing in an intuitive and
precise manner. read more…

MAY 2014

Choose the best out of two Retinas for your application

With the new API release, you can easily select different Retinas and get the most adequate results, whether you
want to focus on context-similarity or synonym-similarity. read more…

APRIL 2014

Linking's Retina to Numenta's CLA

The association of automated semantic analysis and prediction algorithms might be a breakthrough in neuro-computational NLP.

MARCH 2014

Generic retinas are being extracted from Wikipedia in 8 languages

Coming up soon: French, German, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Swedish and Spanish retinas.


Chinese retina in preparation

Our Hong Kong Team is cleaning the Chinese training material, we expect a first version in Q2 2014.


Officially demoing our Retina at the DeveloperWeek in San Francisco!


The Year of the Semantic Fingerprint

Ready for the year of the Semantic Fingerprint? We are in the starting blocks… Happy New Year!


Apple – Fruit = Computer

Jeff Hawkins talks about the CEPT-Retina at YOW!2013 z/11220415726/in/photostream/


We’ll spread the word about our API next week in Paris! s/750607978299263/?ref=22