San Francisco / 13-14 February 2016 / challenge DeveloperWeek16 Hackathon

13-14 February 2016

Galvanize, 44 Tehama St., San Francisco


The Challenge: Create an Intelligent App Using the Meaning of Written Text challenged the hackathon participants to create an app that integrates operations on the meaning of text using the Retina API and offered $5,000 in cash for the winning team.

12 teams participated in the challenge. We saw brilliant hacks and our judges, Subutai Ahmad from Numenta and Alexander van Dijk from the NASA Ames research Center, had a hard time choosing the best.


The winning team


The Gumshoe team: Xander Peterson, Jesse Callwood and Stephanie Hutson

The Gumshoe team: Xander Peterson, Jesse Callwood and Stephanie Hutson


Gumshoe developed an intelligent social media matchmaking system based on semantic fingerprints. The application collects tweets, posts and other user relevant information from social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. It then feeds the collected data through the Retina API in order to create a semantic fingerprint of each user profile. This profile fingerprint is unique for each user as it contains the contexts associated with their online presence on a fine-grained level of details. The app then matches users with other users with a similar profile fingerprint (meaning that they share similar backgrounds, similar interests), opening new opportunities for online networking, dating, employee search and much more!



Other submissions


  • Brighty: A personal assistant that will summarize conversations according to topics in Slack channels for you. It will send you the key information of the content and give you a link to take you to the beginning of the conversation of that specific topic. Brighty applied various APIs from in the core algorithm for summarization - Try it out!      
  • Centrd: An app that addresses the growing issue of depression and suicide. It detects deviations in a user’s social media communication and sends an alert to a designated close friend, family members or, in an emergency situation, a 3rd party assistance hotline.     
  • RocketJobs: A system that helps employers solve the problem of sudden shortage of manpower by providing a database of people who are looking for short-term/temporary jobs - Try it out!      
  • TabulaRazr: Liberating Public Finance: The app extracts financial data from pdf documents, tags them with fingerprints and uses them to link semantically similar data across every other document. This enables decision makers to gain the upper hand in bargaining contracts and exchange experience with municipalities they were unaware of before. Try it out!


  • Saus: An AI Powered Messaging App using’s Retina API, IBM Watson Bluemix and the Magnet Message SDK- read more
  • PingMeUp: The newest productivity hack that summarizes any URL to five sentences and text/email you more relevant summary recommendations     
  • Lex: An app that helps mastering legal tasks: it quickly reviews your contract, identifies problems and provides legal feedback via chat or DM.     
  • NLP Solutions: Automatically sort emails, tickets, reviews, descriptions, etc. into categories rather than relying on human interaction.

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