On a mission to bring natural language understanding to the next level Based on neuroscientific research, Cortical.io's unique technology overcomes many obstacles in dealing with terabytes of unstructured text data

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Year of foundation
First prototype
Q2 2014
Launch of Retina API 1.0
Q4 2014
Release of Retina API 2.0
Q4 2014
Incorporation of US subsidiary
Q2 2015
Strategic Partnership with Numenta
Q4 2015
Opening of a Bay Area office
Q1 2016
Launch of Retina Spark 2.0
Q1 2017
Enterprise license signed with large financial institution
Q4 2017
Opening of a New York office
Q4 2017
Enterprise license signed with large networking manufacturer
Q3 2018
Joint business relationship with PwC Germany
Q3 2019
Strategic Partnership with Xilinx
Q4 2019
Partnership with Supermicro

About us

Cortical.io provides natural language understanding (NLU) solutions that enable large enterprises to automate the extraction, monitoring, and analysis of key information from any kind of text data. By understanding the meaning of text, Cortical.io Retina software reduces the time and effort it takes to complete business-critical data search and review processes. Many repetitive and error-prone manual steps are eliminated, freeing up valuable resources to focus on higher-value tasks.

Cortical.io solutions can be quickly trained without supervision in the specialized vocabulary of any business domain and in multiple languages. Our enterprise-grade technology is implemented at multiple Fortune 100 businesses, covering a wide spectrum of use cases.

Our unique approach is inspired by the latest findings on the way the brain processes information. It helps businesses solve many open NLU challenges like meaning-based filtering of terabytes of unstructured text data, real-time topic detection in social media, or semantic search over millions of documents across languages. Our work has been featured in The Economist, Harvard Business Review, Bloomberg, and Gartner.

Cortical.io was founded in 2011 and holds a broad general license for Numenta’s HTM technology. We have offices in Europe (HQ in Vienna) and in the US (New York and San Francisco).


At a glance:

  • Founded in 2011
  • Patented technology
  • Offices in Vienna, New York and San Francisco
  • Several Fortune 500 customers
  • Strategic partner of Numenta
  • Technology partner of PwC Germany
  • Strategic partner of Xilinx
  • Partner of Supermicro


In May 2015, we entered a strategic partnership with Numenta, that grants us a broad general license to the Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM) technology. Combined with our Semantic folding methodology, it will enable us to develop solutions for sentiment analysis, automatic summarization, semantic search, and conversational dialogue systems.

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PwC Germany logo

In September 2018, we signed a joint business relationship agreement with PwC Germany*. Using Cortical.io’s natural language understanding technology, PwC intends to develop intelligent text analytics solutions and help their clients turn unstructured data silos into value. * PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

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Xilinx logo

In October 2019, we entered a strategic relationship with Xilinx. The implementation of our NLU solutions with Xilinx FPGA technology enables orders-of-magnitude performance increases over standard computing platforms.

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Supermicro logo

In November 2019, we announced our partnership with Supermicro to deliver our first Semantic Supercomputing application, the Messaging Classification Appliance, on a pre-loaded server.

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