Semantic Search An application that uses our meaning-based algorithm to resolve ambiguity and vocabulary mismatch issues.


  • Identifies content by meaning, not keywords
  • Searches terabytes of data, orders of magnitude faster
  • Quick,unsupervised training with reference material
  • No database or metadata management required
  • Continuous learning from user feedback
  • Adds new terms on the fly, without retraining
  • Search query can be a word, a text, or even a sample document
Semantic search for customer service

How it works

  • The documents are cleaned and sliced into meaningful sections
  • The meaning of each section is numerically encoded as a semantic fingerprint
  • An inverted index of section fingerprints is created
  • You can easily add, change, or delete document sections in the index
  • You enter a search query that consists of words, semantic expressions, text, or sample documents
  • The system numerically encodes the meaning of the search query as a semantic fingerprint
  • The fingerprint of the search query is instantly compared with the fingerprints of the indexed documents
  • Results are ranked based on semantic similarity.
  • Accessible through a REST API