Just 5 steps to get a unique solution

Cortical.io’s approach minimizes the risk and investment inherent to enterprise NLP projects. The combination of breakthrough technology, use case experience and development methodology makes it possible to deliver first results very quickly and at low cost.

Cortical.io delivers highly customized solutions that exactly match your requirements. Our Retina Engine easily scales to any business domain, use case or language. You can use it to locate documents, find web content, match people, identify products, monitor your competition, track customer satisfaction, discover new knowledge, and much more. The range of business applications is truly overwhelming, from Social Media Monitoring to Enterprise Search via Information Discovery, Profile Matching, Forensic Text Analytics or Compliance Monitoring.

At a glance

  • Short time to solution
  • Easy adaptation to any business domain, use case or language
  • Transparent, agile implementation process
  • Reduction of project risk
  • Customized solution
  • Professional support from Day 1



Simply input an example text or a description of the class in the Retina API to begin classifying your text data - without training!
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Use Semantic Folding to create search-based applications with high recall and precision across 20+ languages!
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Streaming Text Filter

Generate a real-time content sub-stream that exactly matches your interests!
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Use Cases

Explore some of the use cases where the Retina Engine has been successfully implemented:

  • Contract Intelligence
  • Support Intelligence
  • Document search
  • Clustering
  • Voice of the customers
  • Topic detection

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What other challenges can be solved with Cortical.io’s technology? Discover the 12 disciplines of language intelligence.

Our Way to Work

With the Retina Engine, you not only buy a technology, you also get access to Cortical.io’s development know-how. Together with your team, we put in place an agile development process that adapts to your requirements, responds to your priorities and delivers visible results quickly. At the end of this iterative process, you own a customized, intelligent solution that solves your NLP challenge and your team has been coached to roll-out the new application throughout your organization.

We implement your solution in 5 steps:

  1. Technology Introduction
  2. Exploration Workshop
  3. Proof of Concept
  4. Pilot Project
  5. Roll-out

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