One powerful platform for Natural Language Understanding has wrapped its Retina Engine into an easy-to-use, powerful platform for fast semantic search, semantic classification and semantic filtering. With the Retina Platform, you can process any kind of text, independently of language and length. Because of its high computational efficiency, it enables you to process terabytes of data orders of magnitude faster than other methods.

The Retina Platform offers access to the core Retina Engine via the Retina Library and the Retina API which can be run in the cloud or on premises. Both enable fundamental operations on text like text comparison, keyword extraction, segmentation or context identification and can be extended with custom databases and functional applications. The Retina Library includes additional modules for semantic search, dynamic generation of classifiers and Big Data semantic processing.

At a glance

  • High performance semantic processing
  • Very simple to use
  • Reduces false positives
  • Works across languages
  • Customizable for any language and domain
  • Seamless integration in enterprise environment
  • in the cloud or on premises

Retina Library

Search and analyze Big Text Data repositories cost-efficiently

  • Core NLU module
  • Semantic search module
  • Classifier module
  • Big Data Semantics module (Spark)
  • On premises or in the cloud
  • Cloudera certified

How to get it

Retina API

Compare the semantic content of two texts with a single call to the API

  • Core NLU module
  • Feature extraction for semantic classification and filtering
  • Free trial API (fair usage)
  • Private instances on Amazon Web Services

How to get it

Retina Databases & Applications

  • Retina Database General English is included in Retina Library and Retina API
  • Customized Retina Databases for any language or business domain are trained via unsupervised machine learning
  • Retina applications include a Semantic Search REST API as well as customized applications developed for our customers