Get an intelligent application that solves your NLU challenges – finally

The fundamental theoretical differences of our technology make it possible to develop solutions to Natural Language Understanding (NLU) challenges that other approaches can not solve satisfactorily. Whether you want to search a repository of texts in different languages, monitor millions of emails every day or detect topics in social media in real time, can develop a highly customized solution that exactly matches your requirements.

All customized applications are built upon the Retina Library or the Retina API.

Parallel Rollout Process:

  • Development of one or more Retina Databases which cover the required semantic spectrum
  • Development of Retina Engine-based applications which offer functional solutions for different enterprise domains or products.

Retina Applications at a glance

  • Retina Semantic Search:
    • Create an inverted index of documents for semantic similarity search
    • Add /change /delete documents in the index
    • Query input with words/ semantic expressions/ text/sample documents
    • The inverted index can be adjusted to the number of documents within the search data collection
    • Accessible as REST API
  • Retina Custom Applications:
    • Streaming text filter 
    • Topic detection 
    • Email surveillance 
    • Contract analysis 
    • Customer feedback analysis 
    • Semantic search engine for financial documents
    • etc
    • Contact [email protected] for more information