A growing collection of demonstrations showing how easy it is to build language intelligence on top of the Retina.

Keyword Extraction

Discover the key terms in any text automatically

Language Detection

Identify the language of a document

Expression Builder

Learn to use expressions to refine the meaning of a fingerprint


Advanced tools for exploring the full power of the Retina.

Similarity Explorer

Compare the meaning of any two texts by overlaying their semantic fingerprints

Topic Explorer

Investigate the various contexts of any word or text and reveal similar terms for each topic

Cross-Lingual Topic Analyzer

Explore the topical coverage of a semantic fingerprint in different languages

Topic Modeler

Compose and edit a fingerprint to refine its precise semantic meaning


Real-world and research applications developed with the Retina.


A real-time intelligent Twitter filter to identify and classify Tweets based on their semantic content and not just simple keywords