Create an exceptional support experience for your customers The Support Intelligence Engine helps you solve complex support requests and lower your overall support costs without compromising quality.

In a nutshell

  • AI-based assistance for agents
  • Instant answers to complex problems
  • 70% savings in request-handling time
  • Fast unsupervised training
  • High accuracy through natural language understanding
  • Easy updating with new vocabulary

The Support Intelligence Engine picks out precise, relevant information from hundreds of thousands of your company’s documents—previously solved support cases, service notes, user forum posts, technical manuals, training material, known issues, and other related knowledge sources—and puts that information at the fingertips of your support personnel, for quick, accurate responses to customer requests.

With the deployment of technology, large enterprises are reducing the average handling time of support requests by approximately 70%. The outcome is increased customer satisfaction, repeat purchases, greater retention of contact center agents, and lower support costs.

What makes Support Intelligence different?

  • Understands the meaning in customer requests and matches them with previous customer service responses, even if they do not use the same vocabulary
  • Quick interactive learning process that amplifies the intelligence of your support agents
  • Easy updating with new vocabulary

Who uses Support Intelligence?

  • Companies that want to reduce the time their support agents spend formulating appropriate answers to complex support requests
  • Companies selling complex products that require personalized customer support

How was's Support Intelligence Engine deployed at a Fortune 100 company?

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Support Intelligence FAQs

  • What kind of information does the Support Intelligence Engine search and process?
  • How does the engine handle irrelevant text in support cases?
  • How does the engine integrate into my existing support case software?
  • How long does it take before I get a working Support Intelligence Engine?
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