The 12 disciplines of language intelligence

The application fields of the technology are endless. To systematically address specific domains we have structured our upcoming
functionalities in what we call the 12 disciplines of language intelligence:

  1. Enterprise Search - Document Management

    • Fully automated semantic document analysis
    • No need to create metadata to improve search quality
    • Improve recall by matching the meaning behind the words. Fewer missing documents.
    • Improve precision by using the thousands of semantic features within every semantic fingerprint
    • Improve relevancy matching by using document-semantics and user-profile-semantics.
  2. Website Search - Marketing, Sales, Support

    • Zero configuration deployment
    • Personalize your search interface with ready to use widgets (including source code)
    • Usable for all languages where a Retina is available.
    • Automated background indexing
    • Personalize your application by creating profile fingerprints for registered users capturing their interests
  3. Profile Matching - Dating, Recruiting, Expert Finding

    • High quality matching of verbose profile information
    • No database or meta-information management needed for matching
    • Formulation of free profile criteria
    • Powerful “more like this” query
    • Intuitive searching process. Easy refinement
  4. Product Search - E-Commerce, Retail, Wholesale

    • Always return meaningful products even when customers are missing the right keyword
    • Fine grained-context allows for successful product placement
    • Customers can describe products in plain language
    • Lower catalog management efforts
    • Make use of rich product descriptions and data-sheets to improve product findability
    • Better cross- and up-selling by meaning-based product/customer matching
    • Raise accuracy of recommendation systems
  5. Alerting Systems - Competitive Intelligence

    • Improved precision of criteria matching process leeds to a reduction of false alarms
    • Easy definition of triggers by providing full text example documents. Specify terms standing for whole concepts, rather than for their literal string-value
    • Fast and efficient matching mechanism allows real-time alerts
  6. Content Classification - News Filtering, Document Classifier

    • No training
    • No data pre-processing
    • Easy, intuitive and interactive specification of classification criteria
    • High-quality classifiers
    • Personalized classification systems
  1. Information Discovery - Innovation Support

    • Conceptual searching
    • System optimization through training with domain vocabulary
    • Expert-finding mechanisms
    • Cross-lingual retrieval
    • Individual rankings
  2. Opinion Mining - Social Network Analysis

    • Intuitive, interactive creation of opinion-fingerprints
    • Automatic generation of high quality rule-sets
    • High throughput matching
    • Dynamic adaptation to language usage in Social Networks
    • Continuous extension of terms and concepts
  3. Office Automation - Intelligent Office Productivity System

    • Real-time detection and user-notification when similar documents already exist
    • Libraries of user-profiles to identify expertise
    • Easy integration into existing Business Process-Engines
  4. Keyword Generation - Search Engine Optimization

    • Automatic generation of large quantities of contextual high-quality SEO-keywords that are unique and therefore increase the SEO-differentiability
    • Preprocessing-free taxonomic browsing
    • Automatic (semantic) keyword expansion
  5. Forensic Text Analytics - Evidence Mining, Plagiarism Detection

    • Easy processing of huge text repositories
    • Ability to systematically find partial and mosaic-type plagiarisms
    • Higher speed of the process
  6. Intelligence & Security - Real Time Message Monitoring

    • Real-time monitoring of messaging channels
    • Meaning-based filtering is less vulnerable to obfuscated information
    • Reduction of expensive false positives