Your very own Big Data Semantics application is just 5 steps away With the Retina Engine, you not only buy a technology, you also get access to’s development know-how. Together with your team, we put in place an agile development process that adapts to your requirements, responds to your priorities and delivers visible results quickly.

Solutions Progress Bar Diagram

Step 1: Technology Introduction

Intended for a mixed audience of business and technical experts, this onsite presentation sheds light on the theoretical background, the functionalities and the application spectrum of’s Retina technology. The technology introduction is free of charge and aims at determining whether the Retina technology is a good fit for your enterprise.

Step 2: Exploration Workshop

In this workshop, business owners and technical implementers will take a deep dive into how’s Retina technology can be applied to their domain or business-specific use cases. The workshop covers technical implementation aspects and analyzes the business potential of the solutions discussed.

Step 3: Proof of Concept

The goal of this short project is to demonstrate the capabilities and effectiveness of the Retina technology for a (or part of a) specific business case. Operations can be either hosted or on premises. Depending on the requirements, development time varies from 1 to 4 weeks.

Step 4: Pilot Project

The objective of a pilot project is to deliver a solution for a complete business case and facilitate its integration into a production environment. This phase ends with the involvement of the first end users in the agile development cycle.

Step 5: Roll-out

Upon completion of the pilot project, a master software agreement based on the type and number of licensed modules settles the final roll-out into a company-wide production environment.

At the end of this iterative process, you own a customized, intelligent solution that solves your NLP challenge and your team has been coached to roll-out the new application throughout your organization. You only engage into licensing when your solution is ready.

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