Using’s Retina API is that easy!

If you are new to’s technology, you might want to browse our sandbox API to get an overview on the offered functionalities. It is interactive, and allows you to try out all the methods available.

If you prefer to make direct calls to the REST API and see how you can use our features to improve your application, ask for your very own free API key and start working right away. You can either access the API directly via HTTP or through one of our client libraries currently available for Java, Python and JavaScript.

To get some inspiration about the kind of applications that's Retina makes possible, have a look at the submissions for the challenge at the DeveloperWeek16 Hackathon or view our demos.

Retina API: client libraries

Our Retina API client libraries currently include Java, Python and JavaScript. All client SDKs offer two versions of the Retina API, a lightweight module with simplified access to the most common functions and a full version module that gives you complete control over various parameter settings and complete access to all API endpoints. We provide also useful sample code snippets for all client libraries.

View the source code for our Java API demos.


Quick start guide, how to use the different endpoints, how to make the most of the Retina engine, FAQs, but also how to choose your AMI based on the amount of data you want to proceed: this is the place to find the answers to any technical question.

Browse the documentation for Retina API and Retina Library.

Through our forum, you can get in touch with our developers and fellow API users.


Browse through videos explaining the theoretical background of our technology, video tutorials about the Retina API and more!