Proudly presenting, a service for Language Intelligence

We have developed a technology that enables developers to perform natural language processing in an intuitive and precise manner. “Our Semantic Fingerprinting method enables the creation of a unique semantic fingerprint for any word, any document, and in the near future even for any entity that can be described with natural language”, explains Francisco Webber, co-founder of The big difference to conventional semantic systems is that the conversion of words
into their semantic fingerprints is automated. There is no need for costly, time-consuming manual intervention anymore.

The core component of, the Retina, learns about the essence of any language by reading text material about the world and is capable of semantically interpreting and computing any textual content. It encodes words in the same way as information is fed into the brain and generates semantic fingerprints of words and documents using a fine-grained representation of 16,000 semantic features for every term.

The invention of’s Retina could revolutionize the search and analysis of text-based information, not only because of its transparency and simplicity of use, but also because of its small footprint: huge amounts of text -structured and unstructured- can be processed with moderate computational power.

By converting any piece of text into a semantic fingerprint, tasks such as similarity comparison, contextual keyword generation, sense disambiguation, and document classification are made simple.’s Semantic Fingerprinting method can be applied to messages, news, web content, document collections and even real-time text streams from social networks.

The service is accessible through a REST API. Currently, we offer SDKs for Java and Javascript. SDKs for python, .net and other development platforms will be available soon.