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The Topic Explorer is a disambiguation tool that allows you to find out the contexts associated with a specific term or to identify the topics contained within texts. The underlying technology it uses could be used to spot skills in employee profiles, select products according to their features or application areas or rank the topics mentioned in a web page according to their importance.

To get started, simply enter a term or expression in the text field above and press the Submit button to retrieve its contexts. Associated terms will be retrieved from the Retina and displayed in the output area above. You can then filter these output terms by their contexts and parts of speech.

Use Cases

  • Semantic Search
  • Intelligent Content Filtering

How It Works

The Topic Explorer works by relying on the underlying Retina API to identify contexts in which a term often appears. For example, the term Jaguar is often used in both automotive and zoological contexts. Visually, these contexts can be seen in the Semantic Fingerprint created for the term Jaguar. When clusters of dots are apparent in the Fingerprint, this indicates that a particular context of the term is centered around that position of the Fingerprint. The Retina API provides a programmatic approach to identify such clusters in Fingerprints and therefore to extract the contexts of a term or document.

Build Your Own Application

Identifying the context of a given text or term is provided as an endpoint of the API. After retrieving the context, the above demo makes an additional call to the API to retrieve the similar terms for the input text in each of the identified contexts. Both API calls are publicly accessible and can be included in any application:

You can begin integrating's services into your own application after registering for your own free API key.