Generating Fingerprint...


Simply type or paste any English-language text into the text field above (or select from the dropdown of example texts) and press the Submit button to let the Retina analyze the text and extract its key terms.

Use Cases

  • Automatic Keyword Generation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Classification

How It Works

After parsing the input text, the Retina is used to determine the importance of all of the terms it contains. This is done by creating a semantic fingerprint for the entire input text as well as for each of its individual terms. These term fingerprints are then compared with the text fingerprint to determine their semantic overlap. The degree of semantic overlap is weighed together with the proportion of occurrences of each term in the input text in comparison with its frequency within the entire encoding Retina to determine its overall importance to the text.

Build Your Own Application

The core functionality of extracting keywords from an input text requires just one call to the API. An additional call is made to render the text's semantic fingerprint to display to the user. Both API calls are publicly accessible and can be included in any application:

You can begin integrating's services into your own application after registering for your own free API key.