Cross-Lingual Topic Analyzer

Create a Semantic Fingerprint for any text and view its related contexts in all available languages.


Semantically aligned semantic spaces allow for seamless cross-language operations. The Cross-Lingual Topic Analyzer demonstrates that the Retina understands the meaning of text, independently of the language used.

To get started, just input a text in one of the available languages: you will retrieve terms related to the topic of the text in all available languages.

You can use this technology to extract cross-language meta-data, for example using English keywords to extract meta-data from Spanish websites. If you have created a filter for specific topics in news feeds or tweets, you can also use this tool to verify that the same topics in other languages will be appropriately filtered.

Use Cases

  • Multilingual topic search
  • Cross-Lingual meta-data extraction
  • Cross-Lingual text filtering

How It Works

The Cross-Lingual Topic Analyzer uses the underlying Retina Languages API to first detect the language of the input text. A semantic fingerprint of the input text is then generated using the corresponding language Retina. In the final step, the generated semantic fingerprint is used to retrieve a list of similar terms related to the input text for each of the available languages.

Build Your Own Application

This demo uses the Retina API Text Language Detection Endpoint - Identify more than 50 languages.

You can begin integrating's services into your own application after registering for your own free API key.