The further you dig into the possibilities opened by our technology, the more you will be amazed by its potential to fundamentally change the way natural language is processed. One single company can impossibly exploit all application fields on its own. That is why we invite entrepreneurs to join us on this fantastic journey: Bringing a new breed of language intelligence applications to the global market.’s Retina learns, compares, analyzes whatever kinds of texts you choose to feed it; Whether you implement it to develop the next big information discovery engine or to create the ultimate cooking recipes database, your services will benefit from unique language functionalities along the semantic similarity paradigm.

Imagine what Retinas can do to tame the social media fire hose… Semantic filters for Twitter messages, alerts through Facebook timelines or user matches based on their interest profiles… Think of the power of a truly intelligent keyword generator for SEO and online marketing purposes… The application fields are sheerly endless: Do not restrain your creativity!

Start your own business

First, you need a brilliant idea, something that the world really needs. But how to create a service that does not exist yet? Nearly impossible. What you can do, however, is make your application work unmistakenly better that the competition. This is what adopting our technology helps you to achieve, instilling a strong dose of uniqueness into your service. We are committed to empower your initiatives by providing advice and unbureaucratic, cost-free access to our technology. Share your ideas with us!

Submit your project

You have already registered for a free API key, made some first experiments with your free credits and are convinced that you have a strong business case? Now it’s time to talk to us about your plans: Francisco and Daniel will work out the best way to use the Cortical Engine for Processing Text for your purposes and might decide to support you in the start-up phase with a given amount of additional free credits. You can choose whether your project should be handled confidentially or promoted on the project page.

Would you agree to prepay your electricity bill without knowing in advance how your consumption will develop over the next months? No? Neither would we. But that is what most subscription models force you to do. We feel much better with a transparent pay-as-you-go approach. Soon, you will be able to see in our API menu how much each function costs and plan your development accordingly. In other words, you will pay only for what you actually use. We think that this process not only fosters a lean business development, but also promotes efficient applications. In addition, we will offer a way to access free credits through participation in the community and sharing of generally useable widgets or code snippets. More information about credits and pricing will be available soon.